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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Praying The Rosary In Groups

A while back I included a form that allows participants to indicate that they prayed the Holy Rosary in a group. All you have to do is submit the number in the group.

Today, I received a submission that a group of 21 prayed the Holy Rosary. How exciting!

Here are just a few examples of some possible groups.

Your family.
Your friends.
A classroom.
A youth group.
Those brought together to pray for a loved one in need.

I just wanted to share the idea with everyone.

The record day for rosaries prayed included one such group. Maybe today we will set a new record.

Finally, if you purchased a Scriptural Rosary book from the store and are now using the book more often than the site. That's great. What I'm wondering is this. Should those rosary prayers be included in our count to reach 100,000?

I'm thinking yes. The Scriptural Rosary books are a big part of the success of our mission.

Thanks to all that have supported the site with their purchases!


Stacey said...

Since the concept toward the goal is to pray a Scriptural Rosary, the books would definitely count! Limiting the count to online prayer would be self-defeating. I cannot always find the time to sign on but I do pray while reading verses I've printed out. Also, I often pray my daily rosary in the car, listening to an audio tape of scriptural readings. Each venue is equally as important to your mission.

Many years ago (too many!), we would pray an earnest rosary each evening along with a radio broadcast that included scriptural verses for reflection. It made our rosaries more devout; they weren't just rote recitations. My mother's mantra: Don't say that you "pray it" if you only just "say it."

Bill Brown said...

Thanks Stacey,

I agree and hope that those using the books will include their prayers for the site, its mission, and all participants.

Anonymous said...

I use the Scriptural Rosary every day when I am home. When I travel I also pray the Scriptural Rosary and would love for thoes prayers to be counted. I hope that others agree.