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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Message From Pat

I started the daily scriptural rosary fairly early...count about 2000 and pray daily. When we travel I take a printed copy with me and add to the count when I get back to the computer. I have shared the site with devout friends in our parish and will ask the pastor to include it in our bulletin. The lower count could be due to others who are on vacation. If they, like me, continue using a printed copy when away from the computer, perhaps you could encourage them to enter their count when they return. Good luck with your wonderful mission.

Thank you Pat!

Monday, June 8, 2009

What If.....?

If you haven't participated yet, there is a poll at the rosary site asking if you've ever used the site to pray. This was originally posted in November, 2008 and as of this posting, 258 unique individuals have said yes.

I started wondering what the numbers would look like if everyone of the 258 prayed one rosary every day. The results are below:

In one week: 1,806 rosaries prayed

In one 30 day month: 7,740 rosaries prayed

In one year: 94,170 rosaries prayed

It's a great habit to develop. You might find it very helpful to walk each day with Jesus and His Mother by praying the Holy Rosary.

It's just a thought.

As always, I continue to appreciate everyone's participation and prayers.

God Bless,


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Advertising Update

How did you learn about our scriptural rosary site?

Please post a comment and let us know.

I need your help more than ever before getting the word out.

Why? Well... In the beginning I advertised on both Google and Yahoo. Many if not most found the site while searching information about the rosary.

If you don't already know, I'm a volunteer working in Florida. It is a one year commitment. I am paid a very small stipend. After a while, I had to pause the Yahoo advertising. Yesterday, I had to pause Google advertising. Both due to a shortage of funds.

Only 17 rosaries were prayed yesterday... our lowest count in a long time.

I thank all of you for your prayers and participation. For those interested in our mission to spread awareness and devotion to the Most Holy Rosary, I really need you. Please help spread the word. Blogs, emails to friends (no spam please), word of mouth, church bulletins and anything else you think may work. If you find something that works well please let me know and I will share it with everyone else.

Perhaps when my volunteer service ends I will be able to resume the advertising again.

I wrote this post particularly for those that follow the daily count. If yesterday was any indication, it looks like it may be down for a while.

Thanks again to EVERYONE that uses our site to pray the Holy Rosary. I am eternally grateful for your participation and prayers.