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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Rosary Story From Rose...

Here's my story. I'm a psychotherapist. Currently I have a client who is a 38 year old single female. She has suffered from major depression most of her life, and it is untreatable with medications, and unresponsive to natural interventions. As such, she is chronically depressed, cries all the time and can barely hold a job. It's a miserable existence for her, further complicated by the fact she was raised with no faith (parents were atheists), and has no belief in God herself. A few days ago I was praying (to myself during our session) for guidance. It occurred to me to offer a sacrifice of some sort. So I promised on the spot that I would pray ninety rosaries for her. Frankly, praying a rosary is no sacrifice for me, but finding the TIME to do it is a challenge. I decided I would dedicate part of my morning exercise and prayer time to do it.
That night I had a dream I was in purgatory. I was sitting in a rickety shelter that was sparely filled with old, rusted junk. Outside the shelter was a frozen wasteland. I was acutely, terribly aware of being alone. Only one thing kept me from utter despair, and that was that in my left hand I clutched a beautiful, ornate rosary. When I woke from this dream I felt I had received a confirmation from the Lord to undertake this 90 day "sacrifice" for my client, who suffers constantly in a spiritual wasteland.
I knew the best way for me to do it would be to pray along with an audio version of the rosary. So I began searching online and fortunately found your website. I found several others, but felt yours is the best. I listen to Melissa's version, and it is very soothing, uplifting and prayerful. After just two rosaries, I feel more hope for my client, knowing I've got Mary's powerful intercession to aid me (eighty eight to go!). Thank you very much.