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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reaching 100,000 Rosaries Prayed

On November 18, I added a poll to help determine how many unique individuals were utilizing the scriptural rosary website. At the time of this posting, 40 unique individuals have submitted that they have prayed at the site.

I thought I would share a little math today.

If we have 40 participants and each prayed the scriptural rosary every day, we would pray 280 rosaries each week. It would take 40 people praying one rosary every day 6.87 years to reach 100,000 rosaries prayed. Based on last week, it will take 15.14 years to reach 100,000.

If all 40 participants committed to getting just one new person to agree to pray the scriptural rosary each day, while they themselves committed to one rosary per day, we would cut the required time in half to 3.44 years! That's right. If 80 people pray the rosary every day it only takes 3.44 years to reach 100,000.

I am very grateful to all that have been participating at the site. I hope that the scriptural rosary has brought you all closer to God. If so, please share your enthusiasm and blessings with others. Not so much that we will hit a number. No... the number is just a target to keep me motivated on the mission. The mission to spread devotion to the powerful prayer given to us by the Blessed Virgin Mary.

That mission is accomplished whenever more people pray and whenever those that do pray choose to pray it more often.

Finally, to those that have stories to share, please consider sharing them on this blog. It is very easy for me to designate you as an author. You will then be able to post on this blog. Please don't immediately dismiss the idea. You never know if your story will help change someone's life. You won't have to post every day. Just whenever the Spirit moves you. I thank you all for considering this request.

God Bless!

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