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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Notre Dame Missionary Retreat

Just a quick note to let you know I'll be in Washington, DC from 2/13/09 to 2/16/09. I will not be able to process orders from the Scriptural Rosary Store until I return on 2/17/09. I also will not be able to update the rosary counts until I return. It's a mandatory retreat for Catholic Volunteers In Florida sponsored by Notre Dame Missionaries.

I hope you've noticed that over 100 unique visitors have answered "yes" to the survey posted on 11/18/08. Thanks to all that have been helping with prayers, word of mouth, purchases from the store and donations. Please continue your support, it's working! Our efforts are helping many to renew, or come to know, the joys and rewards of the Most Holy Rosary of Our Blessed Mother.

I continue to advertise, though with quite a low budget, and it appears to be bringing us more and more new participants.

Have a great week end and God Bless!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

January Recap

I had a great time on my retreat with Catholic Volunteers In Florida.

We went to two houses that are homes for recovering addicts. One was all male, the other all female. After families have spent tens of thousands of dollars on failed rehab attempts, these unique homes are saving lives with a 92% success rate. It is a world wide organization. It is free for the members to join. Stay tuned. I will have more on these homes later. The girls make rosaries and religious crafts. I'm trying to set up a way for you to purchase these items or make a donation if you like.

The rosary numbers look better in January. I'm advertising again. Thanks to all that made a donation or a purchase from the store to help with the advertising costs. I still lost money. If anyone can afford to help it will be greatly appreciated. Just make a small donation right here at the blog or go to the store and make a purchase. You'll be helping to spread devotion to the Most Holy Rosary.

Thanks to all for helping to spread the word. Occasionally, our numbers are really helped when a group submits that they prayed at the site. Today, February 1, will be one of those days. We had a group of 25 pray the Scriptural Rosary.

Time to get ready for the Super Bowl.