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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Homeless Veterans Need Your Help!

I've never tried this before but I figure it can't hurt.

I currently work as a Program Director for a transitional housing program for homeless veterans. This program provides temporary housing for veterans until they are able to move into their own permanent residence. This month, 3 of our veterans were able to find affordable housing. They should be moving into their new homes within 30 days.

They need furniture. The Salvation Army and a sharing center in our town provide an opportunity to purchase used furniture at very reasonable prices. Our vets still need dining room tables and chairs, living room furniture, bedroom dressers, etc.

If you are interested in helping please use the donate button to the right. Instead of promoting the rosary website, I will use all donations to assist these veterans with their moving needs. Once this mission is complete I will announce it on the blog. If it is successful, perhaps I can continue this practice as more of our veterans successfully complete the program and are able to move into permanent housing.

The prices at the Salvation Army and the sharing center are very reasonable. We won't need a lot of money... anything that you can afford to give is greatly appreciated and will most certainly help.

Thank you,


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