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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Using The Audio Rosaries...

I received an email yesterday from Lori stating that the audio rosary was not working, in particular the Sorrowful Mysteries. A quick investigation on my desktop computer indicated that all of the audio rosaries were working fine. I used both Internet Explorer and FireFox browsers on my desktop computer. In addition, I had received many submitted audio rosaries yesterday so it appeared to be working for others as well.

Today I decided to test my laptop computer. I did run into a problem. The audio did not appear properly and it did not work. I noticed I had a message at the top of my screen. It indicated that Windows Media Player wanted to run an add on. My permission was needed to run the add on. I allowed it and the audio rosary immediately appeared. It worked perfectly.

Thank you Lori for pointing out an issue that I am sure others have run into as well. I hope this fix works for anyone that has experienced the same problem. Please let us know with a comment to this blog post.

By the way, the audio rosaries are set up to work with Windows Media Player, Real Audio Player and Quick Time Audio Player so everyone should be able to utilize the audio rosaries if they wish.

Thanks again Lori for your help. I hope everyone feels comfortable to send me feed back whenever they would like. Many people have offered help and it only serves to make the site better. I really appreciate it.


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