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Friday, March 12, 2010

Audio Rosaries Reviewed

I received the following message today. If anyone out there can help... please do so!

"I tried to pray an audio rosary tonight but it would not load. I'm wondering if it's because my new computer is an Apple product, whereas my other computer is a Microsoft product. Or is there a problem with the audio on the site? Thank you for your website. I come to it almost every day to pray the rosary. God Bless you all."

My initial thought is what default audio player is used. Perhaps all that is required is the download of a different player. To my best knowledge, the audio rosaries work with Windows Media Player, Real Audio and Quick Time Audio.

Please let us know if downloading a new player works with your new computer. Everyone else, please offer your suggestions in the comment section.




Terri Cesare Arnold said...

I downloaded Windows Media Player and Quick Time and it still won't work. If anyone has another suggestion, please help. Thank you and God Bless.


Bill Brown said...

Terri, I found this article on line. It is all about playing mp3 files on Mac. I hope it helps.


terriarnold said...

Hi Bill, after much searching and downloading I finally contacted Apple Support. The gentleman had me change something from 64 to 32 and now it works! I pray that my leading him to your website leads him to start praying the scriptural rosary!