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Friday, January 2, 2009

Promoting The New Site

I've talked about this before. The Scriptural Rosary site is easy to find when you search for "scriptural rosary" but no where to be found if you search for "rosary" or the like.

When I first started promoting the site, I used google Pay Per Click to advertise. This is how we moved up to a top 3 position.

With the new site up and running, I've decided to try this same tactic again. Last year it wasn't so hard to afford. This year, as a volunteer working with homeless veterans, it is much more demanding on my budget.

I placed a donation button on this blog. If you are able and would like to help, please consider a small donation. If this works like before, I can quit the Pay Per Click advertising as soon as we make it to the first page of a google search.

Every donation helps tremendously!

If you aren't able to help in this manner, please help with your prayers.

I am very excited about this new opportunity to attract more participants and thereby increase devotion to the Holy Rosary. The first year was good but it can be so much better. Let's make 100,000 rosaries a reality as soon as possible.

Thanks to all for a wondrous first year. Based on the feedback received in 2008 we have touched many lives. Or rather, God and His mother have touched many lives. I like to think he used us all to help make it happen.

If you haven't checked out the new site you can do so now at It's more of a gateway site with some useful information on the Holy Rosary as well as links to the site we all use to pray.

Thanks again to everyone for your continued prayers and participation!

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